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How to learn antibiotics in an easy way...

I am often asked “how can doctors remember the different antibiotic spectrums of activity”? This is a difficult task as there are so many. Personally I have never found lists of medical information that helpful, I would much rather come up with a mnemonic. However, I’m stumped for a mnemonic to remember antibiotic spectrum of activity, so a list it must be. What I have done though is reduce a very long list into six short related lists, which I hope are easier to remember.
These are the different classes of medications and their mechanism of action. I’ve sorted them by which ones are exclusively Gram + or Gram – and which ones do both.
Here’s a handy mnemonic for remembering the antibiotics that act on the ribosomes (I find they’re the most confusing to remember):

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Antibiotic Spectrums

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